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When to Go

You can hike Preikestolen year-round. Note that, throughout the year, weather and trail conditions change a lot. Depending on which season you are visiting Preikestolen – they are very different! – you should adapt your preparations and the equipment you bring accordingly.

Peak-season months

Traditionally, June, July and August are the peak-season months, and guests from all over the world travel to our region. These months, days are very long, and the weather is often nice. Especially on sunny weekends, many visitors hike to Preikestolen. On peak days, this may lead to full parking lots, some on-trail crowding, and waiting lines at the most popular picture locations. Due to high number of hikers, we do not recommend taking dogs on Preikestolen hike in the summer.

TIP: To avoid the crowds during summer, we recommend start hiking before 08:00 am or in the late afternoon. 

Visiting Preikestolen off-season

If you can travel other times of the year, we can highly recommend visiting Preikestolen off-season. Hiking Preikestolen during the off-season is adventurous, but also very different. During winter, it gets dark early. Do not start the hike later than the hours stated in the table below.

We have dedicated a separate article to hiking Preikestolen ‘off-season’.


The table below can give you a good sense of the abundance of hikers at Preikestolen, average temperature, rain and sunshine throughout the year.

MonthHiking CrowdsAverage
at the Top
Hours of
start the
hike after:
January-4°C / 25°F22111:00 am
February-4°C / 25°F20312:00 am
March-1°C / 30°F1851:00 pm
April1°C / 34°F1763:00 pm
May5°C / 41°F1774:30 pm
June9°C / 48°F1785:30 pm
July10°C / 50°F1875:30 pm
August10°C / 50°F2164:30 pm
September7°C / 45°F2442:30 pm
October4°C / 39°F2431:00 pm
November0°C / 32°F26112:00 am
December-3°C / 27°F24111:00 am

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Plan your trip

On this page, we like to give you the information tools to plan for a safe and enjoyable hike, whatever season. Weather forecasts and trail condition reports are also published on an ongoing basis.

Photo: outdoorlifenorway

How to avoid the crowds at Preikestolen

How to avoid the crowds at Preikestolen

When asking "how to beat the crowds at Preikestolen?", most likely people will answer "hike early". Consequently, at Preikestolen Parking, we see "everyone" arriving early at the same time. However, the quietest time of day is actually the evening, when most hikers...

Good hygiene practices are of all time

Good hygiene practices are of all time

The Lysefjord is certified as a sustainable destination. We highly value the health of our guests, the employees in the tourism industry, and the locals. The pandemic has put extra focus on hygiene routines, at work, and when we travel. These routines have become...


Based on our experience, we would like to share some recommendations with you


Several hiking trails start in Flørli, some of which are connected to the Lysefjorden Rundt Trail


The Lysefjord – a unique hiking destination!

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