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Sustainable Destination

Carved by glaciers during the ice age, the Lysefjord is one of Europe’s most spectacular sites, as well as a nature lover’s paradise. It is one of Norway’s certified sustainable tourist destinations.


“Sustainable Destination” certification is awarded to destinations in Norway that are working systematically to reduce the negative impact of tourism. In order to be certified, a destination must preserve local nature and culture, strengthen social values, demonstrate political commitment, have effective management, and be economically viable. Each of these five criteria has specific indicators that make it clear which actions are to be taken. Read more about sustainable tourism in Norway

Preserving nature and keeping people safe

At Preikestolen and Kjerag, Visit Lysefjorden has worked for years to handle the increasing inflow of visitors while preserving nature and keeping people safe. Local staff is on hand to handle parking, toilets and litter. Sherpas from Nepal have even upgraded the trails with stone steps to facilitate access and protect the local environment. Mountain rescue services from Norwegian People’s Aid are also on hand to prevent accidents and provide assistance.

The Lysefjord, however, offers much more than its most famous viewpoints. Other highlights include the world’s longest wooden staircase with 4 444 steps, a hiking route taking tourists all the way around the fjord, and the centre for extreme sports at the end of the fjord in Lysebotn.

Year-round destination

The Lysefjord region has traditionally been a summer destination but is now focusing on expanding activities during the other seasons as well, including by opening Pulpit Rock in winter with guided hikes in the snow.

Spreading visitor traffic

Spreading visitor traffic throughout the year is important for creating a fully sustainable destination, with local, year-round, full-time jobs and minimal impact on nature.

Photo: outdoorlifenorway

The Economic Impact of Preikestolen Visitors

The Economic Impact of Preikestolen Visitors

Preikestolen, one of Norway's most iconic natural wonders, draws thousands of visitors from around the world every year. In the summer of 2022, 348,000 people hiked to this stunning mountain plateau. These visitors had a significant economic impact on the region, with...

How to avoid the crowds at Preikestolen

How to avoid the crowds at Preikestolen

Are you ready for an adventure at Preikestolen? Most people will tell you to hike early to beat the crowds, but did you know that the best time to go is actually in the evening? While everyone else is having dinner, you can enjoy the tranquility of the mountain and...

Good hygiene practices are of all time

Good hygiene practices are of all time

The Lysefjord is certified as a sustainable destination. We highly value the health of our guests, the employees in the tourism industry, and the locals. The pandemic has put extra focus on hygiene routines, at work, and when we travel. These routines have become...

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