Preikestolen Parking: Start of the Hike



Find out everything you need to know about parking at Preikestolen, including facilities and amenities available to visitors.

Our parking facilities can accommodate up to 1,000 cars and 20 tour buses. Our dedicated hosts will greet you upon arrival. To ensure a seamless parking experience and prevent any potential hazards, we kindly ask that you cooperate with our team and adhere to their instructions.

The busiest period is from 8 am to 4 pm, particularly on weekends and during the peak season of June, July, and August. We have two parking areas available. Preikestolen Parking (P1) is the primary lot, and if it becomes full, you will be directed to Moslimyrå (P2).

If both parking lots are at maximum capacity, you may be directed to the Overflow Waiting Zone, and we will advise you when you can return. This measure is implemented to ensure the safety and convenience of all hikers. You may use this opportunity to explore the charming town of Jørpeland.


P1 – Preikestolen Parking

Bus stop

Parking for 20 buses

Parking for 400 cars

32 EV Chargers

MC Parking

Bicycle Parking


Tourist Information Office

P2 – Moslimyrå

Parking for 600 cars

Digital Tourist Information


Parking fee

You pay the parking fee AFTER your hike. Pay at the machine before leaving.


100 NOK

less than 15 min - free

less than 2 hours - 40 NOK

more than 2 hours - 250 NOK

1000 NOK

No camping at/around Preikestolen Parking.

Preikestolen Foundation is a non-profit organization. Visitors can take advantage of our excellent parking and trail facilities, which are maintained to the highest standards. To cover the cost of these facilities, we charge a parking fee, with all the revenue generated being reinvested back.

The parking fee enables us to employ staff who ensure that the parking lot and its toilet facilities are clean, safe, and well-organized, with clear signposting and guidance to help visitors find their way around.

Furthermore, the parking fee revenue is used to maintain and improve our trail facilities: from basic maintenance such as clearing the trail to safety measures and more substantial upgrades such as installing new signage, replacing bridges, and more.

We take pride in our parking and trail facilities and strive to make sure that they meet the expectations of our visitors. By paying the parking fee, you are helping us to maintain the high standards that we have set for ourselves and contributing to the overall enjoyment and safety of your Preikestolen experience.

We welcome your honest feedback, whether it’s positive or negative. To facilitate this, we have set up QR codes and tablets at our parking facilities, which allow you to complete an anonymous questionnaire.


Preikestolen is part of the Lysefjord, marked as a Sustainable Destination. We want to encourage you to enjoy your hike, while also respecting the environment.

  • There are no toilets along the trail.
    Please remember to use the toilet facilities at the parking lot before starting your hike. Don’t leave any sanitary products or toilet paper.
  • Do not leave any garbage behind. Carry it with you until you can dispose of it properly in the bins provided at the parking lot.

Let’s all work together to keep Preikestolen clean and beautiful for future visitors to enjoy. Please follow the “leave no trace” principle and leave nothing but footprints.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a great hike!

What’s it like to manage the parking facilities at Norway’s most popular hiking destination, Preikestolen?

We’ve captured a day in the life of the parking and tourist information hosts during a bustling summer day. This film provides an inside look into their daily challenges and interactions.

Although the movie is in Norwegian, English subtitles are available for your convenience.

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