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How to get here

This page provides you with information on traveling to Preikestolen, including both public and private transportation options.

Travelling to Preikestolen by bus

A convenient way to travel from Stavanger to Preikestolen is by taking a bus ride, which lasts approximately 50 minutes, passing through the world’s longest subsea tunnel, Ryfylketunnelen.

There are two bus service operators:

  • Departure from Radisson Blu Atlantic Hotel in Stavanger
  • two morning departures in April, May, and September
  • four morning departures in June, July, and August.


Pulpit Rock Tours
  • Departure Sandnes, Stavanger, Jørpeland and Forsand
  • Operating from March
  • two morning departures


Good To Know
  • It’s essential to purchase tickets in advance online, as it’s not possible to buy them on the bus.
  • You must use the same bus provider for your return journey after the hike, as tickets are non-transferable between operators.
  • The bus will stop at Preikestolen Parking, but you’ll need to hike the trail on your own.
Driving directions by car
From Stavanger

If you’re traveling to Preikestolen by car from the north (Bergen) or south (Sandnes, Kristiansand), follow the road 13 signs to Røldal and take the route through the Ryfylke tunnel. Upon exiting the tunnel at Solbakk, continue to Jørpeland and Preikestolen on road 523. After driving three kilometers past Jørpeland, follow the signs and take the exit leading to Preikestolen Parking. 

From Hardanger (road 13)

Once you reach Tau, continue your journey by following the signs on road 523 to Jørpeland and Preikestolen. After driving for three kilometers past Jørpeland, watch for the signs and take the exit leading to Preikestolen Parking.

From Forsand (road 523)

Cross the Lysefjord bridge, turn right, and follow the signs pointing towards Jørpeland and Preikestolen. Continue driving for nine kilometers, then follow the signs and take the exit leading to Preikestolen Parking.

    Good To Know
    • The busiest time is between 8 am and 4 pm, especially on weekends and during June, July, and August.
    • If the parking area is full, you might be stopped an asked to turn around and wait a few hours. This is done to ensure safety and a good experience for all hikers. You can use that time to explore the charming town of Jørpeland.
    The Lysefjord – More to Explore

    The 42-km-long Lysefjord is one of the most scenic and diverse fjords in Norway, flanked by towering, sheer mountains. The name ‘Lyse’ is believed to originate from the bright, shimmering characteristics of the granite in the area. The Lysefjord has a rich natural and cultural heritage, with roots in agriculture, fishing, hydro-electric power production, and tourism.

    The Lysefjord offers a variety of attractions and activities. Preikestolen, along with Flørli, famous for having “the world’s longest wooden staircase,” and Kjerag Boulder, referred to as “The Majesty of the Lysefjord,” together create three globally recognized highlights of the Lysefjord. But there is more to explore! is the Official Website of the Lysefjord. Here, we have gathered recommended itineraries, information about the multi-day Lysefjorden Rundt trail, top 10 day hikes, inspiration for cycling around the Lysefjord, and more. You will also find a travel planner there, with information about accommodation, activities, restaurants, and transportation.

    Travel through the Lysefjord
    The Economic Impact of Preikestolen Visitors

    The Economic Impact of Preikestolen Visitors

    Preikestolen, one of Norway's most iconic natural wonders, draws thousands of visitors from around the world every year. In the summer of 2022, 348,000 people hiked to this stunning mountain plateau. These visitors had a significant economic impact on the region, with...

    How to avoid the crowds at Preikestolen

    How to avoid the crowds at Preikestolen

    Are you ready for an adventure at Preikestolen? Most people will tell you to hike early to beat the crowds, but did you know that the best time to go is actually in the evening? While everyone else is having dinner, you can enjoy the tranquility of the mountain and...

    Good hygiene practices are of all time

    Good hygiene practices are of all time

    The Lysefjord is certified as a sustainable destination. We highly value the health of our guests, the employees in the tourism industry, and the locals. The pandemic has put extra focus on hygiene routines, at work, and when we travel. These routines have become...

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