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about us


The Preikestolen Foundation is a non-profit organization, established by local municipalities and land-owners in the area. Our main task is related to visitor management at the parking lot and on the trail.

Our job

Stiftelsen Preikestolen monitors visitor numbers and behavior. We are responsible for planning and executing maintenance and development of the facilities in the area. A great part of our job is to be good hosts for visitors.

Main goal

Besides publishing information about weather and trail conditions, Stiftelsen Preikestolen is responsible for organizing preventative safety measures. Our main goal is to ensure guests will have a pleasant and safe experience, without compromising the natural resources in the area.

Visiting Numbers Preikestolen

Stiftelsen Preikestolen

Our people

Jorunn Stokka

Jorunn Stokka

Operations manager

Stiftelsen Preikestolen
Telefon: +47 481 18 628
Helge Kjellevold

Helge Kjellevold

Managing Director

Lysefjorden Utvikling AS og
Stiftelsen Preikestolen
Phone: +47 957 97 266

Alexandra Butchart Nag

Alexandra Butchart Nag

Visitor host

Stiftelsen Preikestolen
Phone : +47 977 81 997

unlimited beauty

The first photos ever taken at preikestolen and it’s surroundings.

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